A small-group tour company with a focus on good wine, good food and friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to common questions.

  • 1. How do the trips work?
    We'll pick you up in the afternoon of the first day, and drop you off in the morning of the last day (either an airport or train station). We'll provide your room, all your meals, tours, tastings, and transportation during your visit. We like for you to arrive on Sunday and leave on the following Saturday, but are also happy to set up pretty much anything, for any length of time up to seven days and six nights.
  • 2. What kind of people go on your trips?
    Most of the people who travel with us are between the ages of 35 and 60. We do a fair amount of walking, and even though it sounds great, a week of feasting takes a certain amount of fitness and endurance. Our guests like to relax, take time to soak in the beauty, and truly enjoy the moment.
  • 3. Is it possible for us to put together our own group?
    Yes. In fact it’s better if you do. While meeting new people is usually fun and interesting, traveling with friends and family on a unique holiday like ours is something very special.
  • 4. Do people go on your trips more than once?
    Yes. We offer discounts for return customers.
  • 5. Can we bring our kids?
    We are looking at ways to include kids, using a curriculum to introduce them to Italy, to farming, to history, and so on. But for right now, children under 18 may not participate.
  • 6. What makes a Wine Friends tour different from other tours?
    Our philosophy is that our clients are our friends and should be treated accordingly. That's why we keep our groups very small (six to ten people), stay in comfortable country estates, and visit wineries and restaurants we have known for many years. There are other companies that offer similar trips, but most usually charge more for shorter visits with larger groups. The meals you'll experience are something special, too. Every meal will be great and some will be incredible.
  • 7. Is wine included with the meals?
    Oh, yes. We usually have at least three different wines to accompany our multi-course meals.
  • 8. Do you sample many wines during the week?
    During the course of the week, you will have the chance to sample in the neighborhood of 50 different wines. No worries, someone else is doing the driving.
  • 9. Do you spend a lot of time visiting wine cellars?
    We visit several vineyards and take short tours of the most interesting cellars to see the wine-making process. These tours are led by the people who make the wine, and you'll see, feel, and taste the passion they have for their product. Every winery visit includes a tasting session.
  • 10. Will I need to bring a lot of extra cash for "other" expenses during the week?
    You have already paid for everything from the time you are picked up to the time you are dropped off at the end of your tour. If you choose to buy gifts or souvenirs, or if you want to buy more wine, you'll need cash or credit cards.
  • 11. Is there much sight- seeing and walking on your trips?
    Yes. We spend one day of each tour visiting a major city (Verona, Torino, or Ljubljana, Slovenia). These are walking tours on cobblestone streets. On some of the tours, we might visit a castle or a Roman archeological site. We'll walk through wineries, and (weather permitting) through vineyards. Bring comfortable walking shoes! Some mornings, we'll lead those who are interested on a short pre-breakfast run to burn off the calories from the day before.
  • 12. Do I need to bring fancy clothes?
    Dress is "nice". A sports coat is not required. However, if you feel comfortable wearing one, you won't be out of place. Shorts, slacks, a sun dress, sandals, or comfortable walking shoes are usually appropriate during the day. Just remember - "nice".
  • 13. Do I need to know a lot about wine?
    Our intent is for you to have fun. The only thing that you have to know is that you like wine. Or at least you like trying wine. We will spend time talking about the process of making wine. Also we'll discuss the characteristics of weather, soil, and wine in the local area. But for the most part, we just drink it.
  • 14. What is the lodging/hotel like?
    In a word, wonderful. Each room is distinct and totally unique, and the grounds are spectacular; from a villa overlooking the Roero valley in the Piedmont to a 16th century castle and estate in Friuli, you will feel pampered and right at home at the same time. The people who own and operate these places are our friends - and therefore they are your friends, too. One more point: we describe the hotels as country estates, but they are each also working wineries.
  • 15. What are the tour leaders like?
    Best tour leaders EVER.
  • 16. Can I sign up for one of your trips, today?
    Yes, but do it quickly. With our small groups, the trips fill up fast.