A small-group tour company with a focus on good wine, good food and friends.

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Wine Friends, LLC is a small-group tour company that brings you the best of Italy. When you take a Wine Friends tour, you’ll taste some of the finest wine you’ve ever had and dine on food you will never forget. Our groups go on exclusive visits to wineries, where the people who actually make the wine walk you through the process. You’ll also take a private tour of a major city and explore corners you’d never find on your own. Under the watchful eye of an Italian chef, you’ll prepare a scrumptious meal. You’ll taste fresh-made cheese, go hunting for truffles, and wander through ancient castles. In one week with us, you’ll take about a zillion pictures and have the time of your life.

At Wine Friends, we believe smaller is better. Our groups range from six to ten people. That allows us to pay attention to the tiniest details in order to make your visit a terrific experience.

We call ourselves Wine Friends because we believe you arrive as a customer, but you leave as a friend.

Some of the features of our tours include:


  • Lodging in country estates
  • Tours and tastings at wineries led by the folks who make the wine
  • Hands-on cooking classes
  • Private tours of major cities with licensed expert guides
  • Dining in extraordinary restaurants
  • The whole week led by experienced group leaders with a passion for Italy


We organize up to seven-day, six-night visits to Italy's best wine making regions. Veneto (you'll stay just outside the romantic city of Verona), Piedmont (not far from Torino - Italy's most exciting city), Friuli (on the border of Slovenia - where we'll spend a day in the capital city of Ljubljana) and Tuscany (we'll visit the Brunello, Chianti and Montepulciano growing zones and visit the historic city of Siena).

Each of our trips includes private tours of wineries, wine tastings, a guided visit to a nearby city, a cooking class, excellent meals every day - including at least three that will flat out blow you away - and accommodations in comfortable country estates.

We like to set up tours that go from Sunday to the following Saturday. But if your plans don't include a whole week, we are happy to tailor a visit to suit your needs. Send us an email and we'll work out a great itinerary for you!

If you want to see more details on one of our trips, send us an email (jim@winefrendz.com), and we'll reply with a detailed itinerary and specific descriptions of what you will experience every day of your visit.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive (except airfare), small group, very personal experience, Wine Friends is the right company. Take a look at what we have to offer. When you join us on a trip, you will not be disappointed.